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Have You Seen Them Glue Lines!

While perusing the CKC-Nashville convention a few weeks ago I stumbled across something called Glue Lines from the Glue Dots company. They looked like a promising new adhesive so I bought a box.


At the crop night the convention was holding, I pulled out my new Glue Lines to have a look at them. They are exactly what they sound like: a line of adhesive (1 inch long to be exact) that work just like Glue Dots.

I gave them a whirl on the mini album I was working on and instantly fell in love! There is no way anything on my projects are going anywhere if I use these Glue Lines on them!

It just so happened that one of the vendors from the fair had stuck around to sell the last of their product at the crop and had a few Glue Lines boxes left (and on sale!) so I was able to buy 2 more boxes!

Now you can see from the picture that each box of Glue Lines comes with 200 strips of adhesive, so why do I need 600 strips? Well, honestly when I find a good product I tend to stock up on it because you never know when you’ll find it again. I swear I haven’t seen Glue Lines available at my local crafts stores before so my thought was that these 600 Glue Lines would tide me over until they show up in stores!

And if you read Let’s Talk Scissors! on Sunday, you’ll remember that I like to cut my dry adhesives in half on ocassion, and these Glue Lines would be super easy to cut in half. Then I would have 1200 pieces of adhesive! Now you may think I’m just being cheap, but my Scottish heritage tells me I’m just being frugal. 😉

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.