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Hutch Makeover with Vinyl

IMG 2416
You guys know by now how much I love my black hutch. I decorate it for ALL the holidays. It’s been a feature of many a blog post. But you may not know that I also have an old Hoosier hutch that I absolutely adore. I will go more into why we have this extra hutch in a hot minute, but first, let me tell you what I did to it and why…

I love vintage and antiques items, and the idea of altering them permanently gives me a little bit of anxiety. I love the old defects, old wood, and all the things that give older items character. So when I decided this plain white hutch needed an update, paint was NOT in the picture. But adhesive vinyl was! That way anything that I did to the hutch could be undone.

IMG 1673
Feel free to peruse how I decorated my beloved black hutch it for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter.

IMG 2339
In our old eat-in kitchen, the white hutch lived right next to my black hutch.

Why we had two hutches?

Here’s the story:
My mom’s side of the family has an old farmhouse that has been passed down generation after generation. The last person I remember actually living there was my great grandfather. When my grandfather and grandmother inherited it they traveled back and forth between their home and the farmhouse (~3.5 hours). My grandfather kept cattle on the land and was really happy being a farmer of sorts. My grandmother kept the farmhouse in tip top shape. I have so many wonderful memories of staying and playing at the farm!

Today the farmhouse is the responsibility of my mom and aunts and uncle. One day it will be my and my brother’s responsibility, as well as that of our cousins.

So what does all of this have to do with the hutch???

There is a little white hutch almost identical to this one there. I can’t look at mine without all the great memories I have of spending time at the farm come flooding back.

When this white hutch was offered to us several years ago I knew we had to take it! And so it has sat in the corner of my eat-in kitchen, reminding me of simpler times.

Until now!

I decided to give it some personality and make it my own.

IMG 2350
I hinted at the change with my vinyl knob makeover.

IMG 2416 2
And here is the side by side before & after!

It was all done with adhesive vinyl and my Silhouette machine.

IMG 2415
Due to the cutting size that the Silhouette is limited to and the size I required for my hutch, I had to do some piecing together of the vinyl. It wasn’t the easiest thing, but was definitely doable.

For the top cupboard cabinets I used image “geometric_background_med_1954” from the Silhouette library.

IMG 2420
The bottom cupboard door is very large so this image also had to be pieced together.

I used image “leaf_wreath_C00528_20387” and the M is font Times New Roman.

You know I had to throw a monogram on there!

IMG 2421
I wanted to tie together the different images on the upper and lower cabinets onto the drawers.

I used image “border_of_leaves_C00541_19210” for the drawers, mirror imaging the design to put it on each side of the knob.

The image I used for the knob is one I modified using the same quatrefoil design as the top cabinets.

IMG 2422
The hutch now has a fun new personality and can hold its own next to the black hutch!

I’m totally obsessed with how it turned out and also love that I can change it anytime by just peeling off the vinyl.

Tutorial for putting vinyl on your knobs to give them a simple and inexpensive makeover can be found here!


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Monday 22nd of July 2013

Actually we have a hoosier cabinet that has never been restored to all its loviness and I just wanted to take it to goodwill. -Well now.....after seeing your hutch that looks absolutly amazing-I think I could surely attempt to "copy-cat" your hutch. The vinyl gives a touch of modern to the vintage. Thank you for sharing


Monday 24th of December 2012

Love your hoosier. I was going to tell you what it's really called but see somebody else already beat me to it. Love that hoosier. They are very iconic pieces of furniture. I had one but sold it when we moved here to CO and I could kick myself forever. Didn't think I'd be able to use it but later on realized I could have taken out a top/bottom cupboard and put it in there. Oh me. Doubt I'll ever be able to buy another one as they are expensive here if you can find one. (We live about 20 miles west of Grand Junction, CO.) I still miss our house and land in KY. You did a great job personalizing your hoosier, be very glad you have it especially with the memories attached to it. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Saturday 3rd of November 2012

Your hutch really isn't a hutch, this type of cabinet is called a Hoosier cabinet. I too love it, I grew up with one just like it in our kitchen. We weren't the most prosperous family, but we didn't know it. As corny as it sounds we were rich in love.Looking at this cabinet reminds me of that love.


Sunday 8th of July 2012

Michele, I just wanted to let you know that your piece inspired me to tackle a console table for a friend. I blogged about it here:

I hope you like it - my friend/new client is SUPER excited about how it turned out.You did such an amazing job!!!



Thursday 24th of March 2011

I love this! I've told my husband I want to find a hutch at a thrift store and give it a face lift.

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