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Let’s Talk – Adhesives!

Let’s take a minute and talk about adhesives for scrapbooking and crafting. There are so many different brands and different kinds that deciding what you need to keep on hand can be a little difficult. I think one thing we can all agree on is whatever you use, it needs to be acid free.

IMG 4782Let’s start with something we’ve probably all used at some point. Adhesive runners and/or tabs. I’ll tell you, it was not so long ago that I thought it just couldn’t get any better than Herma tabs. But upon going back and looking at some of my old scrapbook pages and trying new more intricate projects, I realized that tabs are NOT all that! They started to fail me. Eventually I just quit using them all together! They just didn’t stay sticky enough.

The adhesive runner on the other hand is a handy little tool I like to use for ribbon and other lightweight objects that just need a little something to keep them adhered to paper. While probably not great for projects that will get handled a lot, they are great for your scrapbook layouts that are safely tucked behind page protectors.

IMG 4781Glue Dots, oh how I do love Glue Dots (as you can tell by my wide assortment in the photo above)! Waaaaay back in this post, I gushed all over the Glue Lines. They are still one of my favorite adhesives to use.

As far as the actual Glue Dots go, I prefer the larger size to the smaller. I find that the smaller size can sometimes not stay very sticky, but the larger size seems to keep a firm grip.

The pop dots are another fave. I also like the 3-D foam dots. I love that they come in various sizes.

I’m undecided on the Vellum Dots. I’m not sure I’ve used them yet as I don’t use much vellum, but when I do I tend to use my Xyron.

IMG 4783Speaking of Xyrons… I LOVE my Xyron X. I use it mostly for die cut letters and small paper piecing. I’ve been known to use it on ribbon before, too. I also have one of the larger Xyrons (510) and have actually run a doily through it. Seriously! My favorite adhesive to use with the Xyron is the repositionable adhesive (because I’m a perfectionist and must be able to fix it if I put something askew!), but I keep the permanent adhesive on hand, too.

Also from Xyron is their fantastic Mounting Tape. I think it must have come as a sample pack with my 510 because I haven’t been able to find it in any stores. I guess I’ll have to order more online. This is some heavy duty adhesive! Great for covering chipboard, making your own albums, and such.

Speaking of heavy duty adhesives, Terrifically Tacky Tape is right up there. In fact, its stickiness scares me so much that I rarely use it because once it touches something it is not coming back off! I use it mainly where I need something strong (like album binding when I make my own mini albums) and reliable.

Another good adhesive is Wacky Tac from K&Company. Its not super strong like Terrifically Tacky Tape, but it definitely gets the job done on your layouts and could hold chipboard onto any project.

IMG 4784Zip Dry Paper Glue is something I’ve only recently discovered. A booth at the last scrapbook convention I went to had it on special so I thought I’d try it out. I.LOVE.IT. A fantastic adhesive. Even though it is a “wet” adhesive, it does not wrinkle your paper. It also dries super fast for those quick projects. The only downfall I’ve found with it is that it dries so darn fast that I have to scrape the dried glue off the tip in between using it (I’m talking within a minute!). I used Zip Dry on the paper roses on this project and it was great!

I’ve had my bottle of Glossy Accents for just about forever. I use it more as an adhesive than as a bubble effect on top of my papers. It can wrinkle your paper if you use too much because it is a wet adhesive. But I think you will find that a little of it goes a long way. It takes a bit longer to dry than the Zip Dry, but is good for heavy objects on your scrapbook layouts.

Mod Podge is just too fun not to have on hand! I use mine as both an adhesive and a top coat on papers. Again, as an adhesive, a little bit goes a long way! A think layer of Mod Podge is plenty sticky enough to attach most papers to chipboard. Too much of the adhesive and your paper will wrinkle. I used some old Mod Podge I’d had for over a year on this Halloween project as both an adhesive and a top coat on my paper. I love the goopy effect it has. Maybe not great for all projects but great for Halloween!

A spray adhesive is just something I have on hand in case I need it. Its handy to have when you need it, but I find that I don’t use it all that often. And is definitely something you want to use OUTDOORS. It makes a bit of a mess to areas around your spraying area.

IMG 4785And, of course, there are the stand by adhesives that any scrapbooker should have on hand. Mainly glue sticks (who can’t use a good glue stick). The purple sticks are the best because you can see where your adhesive is going. And no worries about it being purple – it dries clear! For Christmas my DH bought me something I’d never seen before. A repositionable glue stick! Imagine that! I’ve yet to try it out, but I have a feeling I’m going to love it!

And we all should have some Scotch tape lying about. I couldn’t scrap/craft without it!

So, what are your favorite adhesives? Would love to hear what you think!


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Friday 8th of January 2010

Oh yes, you gotta love the Zip Dry! Xyron is an all time fave. Can't see anything replacing it any time soon.

~ LeAnne

Thursday 7th of January 2010

Love the Zip Dry glue! Thanks to you!! I also go through several glue sticks. And I too am a little scared of the stickiness of the Terrifically Tacky Tape. Wow! is that stuff strong! Also can't go anywhere, do anything, without the Xyron! :)


Thursday 7th of January 2010

I hear about these ATGs but haven't actually used one or seen one in use. We need to get together and scrap, Allie, so I can try yours out! :)

Allison Harper

Thursday 7th of January 2010

I love my Xyron for teeny tiny little things. Glue dots for buttons and such. Otherwise I use my ATG (tape gun) for pretty much EVERYTHING. This stuff is uber sticky, and pretty easy to get used to using. It's an investment, but it's so much easier than multiple tape runners (which I used very quickly.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.