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Social Saturday – Bella Rustica 2012

As promised, a Bella Rustica recap!
Mostly in picture form because, really, they speak for themselves.
I will say that the 2 hour drive to Milky Way Farm in Pulaski, TN was completely worth it!
The setting was spectacular and there were easily twice as many vendors as last year.
And I have a fun blogger group picture for you if you make it to the end…
…which I think you will. LOTS of eye candy and pinable images here, folks!

Not only was the giant show barn full of vendors, but they overflowed to the outside grounds!
Quite possibly my favorite thing of the entire event was this antique truck full of goodies.
A quick photo of me and the wee one.
These refashioned bags with vintage doilies were simply fantastic!
And pricey. But still fantastic!
Refashioned clipboards.
I love these yardstick items!
This is my friend Gina’s booth. The book page garland wasn’t for sell, but I’ve been asking her for ages to sell me some. I finally talked her into it!
These burlap roses on this burlap covered lampshade are just gorgeous!
These state love pillows are pretty cute.
I need this double bicycle. Its stunning!
My mom was ooh-ing and ah-ing over these giant flowers my friend Deneen had decorating her booth.
I’ve been wanting one of the these book monograms since I first spied one on Pinterest.
If there had been an M it would have been mine!
Do you see that price? $12.95!
My aunt has a thing for vintage hats and has quite a collection.
She fell hard for this black one.
And she’s not admiring this tennis racket… its been made into a mirror!
No words… just gorgeous!
This shopping cart was set up outside the barn. I could have taken everything in it!
Super cute book page covered pencils.
Framed lace jewelry holder.
I’ve seen the rolled paper to make wreaths, but using them to make a skirt was something new to me.
Jeweled Christmas trees and wreath.
This arm candy ended up making its way home with me for a very good price.
I love these earring sets made from old silverware!
Absolutely stunning crows!
Tiered glass.
This hammock bed hung between two pieces of iron fence looked so inviting!
We were willing to pay someone to let us take a nap there.
I have a thing for old doorknobs…
I love these prints on old book pages.
Chalkboard art from the Vintage Junky booth.
Shabby flowers for the hair!
I love these painted candy corn Mason jars.
I really love these suitcases stacked on this couch.
Where do people find furniture like this? So pretty!
This tandem bicycle was an eyecatcher hanging from the barn rafters!
I love this upcycled chair.
There was milk paint and chalk paint galore for sell at several booths!
Apparently Bella Rustica now comes complete with fried food vendors.
My mom decided to try the deep fried brownie.
Sinful. Absolutely SINFUL!
I had a chance to have dinner with these wonderful ladies last night!
I loved getting to meet Donna. She’s so friendly and down-to-earth. Exactly as she comes across on her blog!
I’m pretty confidant that there will be another Bella Rustica event next year.
Will you be there?

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Friday 12th of October 2012

So jealous of your arm candy! Love it!

Funky Junk Interiors

Saturday 6th of October 2012

Wonderful recap! Your photos are just awesome! I was so busy talkin' I didn't capture half of what you did! Gorgeous!

I agree, it was awesome to meet you! Crossing fingers there's another chance sometime to do just that again. :)


Wednesday 3rd of October 2012

So glad you got to come! Thank you for the great pictures! Please send me the one of all of us at dinner! It was soooo tiring but I had a blast!


Monday 1st of October 2012

Oh I hated that I could not go so thank you for sharing the great pics. Looks like everyone had a blast! Yes I have plans to go next year!

Angie CountryChicCottage

Monday 1st of October 2012

Great pics Michelle! I missed some of that! I posted what I bought last night. Will post a recap tonight with even more pictures. :) So nice to hang out with you! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.