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Tagg Pet Tracker

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tagg pet tracker
I was recently given the opportunity to review a product that you wouldn’t normally see around these parts of the blogdom. I mean, its not a craft product, or a DIY tool, or even a store that I’m obsessed with. This product totally for the dogs (or cats!), and has to do with something else I’m obsessed with.
My pets!
Today I want to introduce you to an innovative product that I am flipping out about!
I’m going to talk to you about the Tagg Pet Tracker and how it is giving us some serious piece of mind when it comes to our Birdie girl that you see above. She comes with a story that I want to share with you!


tagg pet tracker dock
Before I tell you about Birdie, let me give you a little background on how the Tagg Pet Tracker works. 
It is a GPS tracker that easily clips on and off of your pet’s existing collar. It comes with a small charger that also acts as a home base for your pet’s Tagg zone, which you set up yourself.
As soon as my pet tracker arrived I immediately began charging it and set up my account on the Tagg website. Creating the account allowed me to activate my tracker and set up the “zone” that Birdie was allowed to be in. If she leaves her assigned zone, I receive an instant email notification (or if you download the Tagg app on your phone, you can be notified that way as well!).
After a couple of hours the tracker was fully charged, and I was itching to try it out!

lazy birdie
Now let me tell you a little about my Birdie girl. She is a German shorthaired pointer; a hunting dog. But she is an amazing family pet, and sister to our mixed breed girl, Sienna. They are both 10 years old, and we’ve had Birdie since she was 1 and Sienna as a pup.
Lately we’ve had a problem with Birdie trying to escape our yard. It started back on July 4th…
Normally she could care less about fireworks. Her breed is meant to be around loud noises, and we’ve never known them to bother her before. We were away from the house until well after dark this year on the 4th of July, and the girls were outside in the fenced in yard. Something happened, what we may never know, but Birdie tried to literally chew her way out of the fence. 
Luckily she didn’t succeed, but she was obviously spooked and hasn’t been the same since. She no longer enjoys being outside for extended periods of time. And she has succeeded in escaping the yard on several occasions since then. Lucky for us, we’ve been home when this happened and she comes back home after wandering off.
The photo above shows Birdie just after I attached the Tagg Pet Tracker to her collar for the first time.
I was spying on her through the kitchen window, waiting to see if she would try to escape.
It was like she was on to my tactics and just laid in the grass for the afternoon! So bizarre!
The tracker was already working, even if not in the way intended.


birdie tagg pet tracker
When your pet stays within the home base you set for them, the tracker goes into a sort of sleep mode to save the battery life. Because of this we can leave the tracker on Birdie all of the time and remove it only when it needs to be charged (which the app will notify me about!). It doesn’t seem to bother her a bit to have it attached to her collar.
We let her out of the fence when we’re outside and make sure she stays nearby. Occasionally she gives us the slip, but so since having the tracker on she has stayed close. Her main goal in life is to eradicate our yard and our neighbors’ yards of moles. She busy working away here. She has quite the reputation around here!


tagg screenshot
To test out the GPS system before we had an actual escaped dog, my husband took the girls for a walk around the neighborhood. Birdie would definitely be leaving her assigned zone, and I wasn’t putting the tracker into “trip mode” which you can do when intentionally taking your pet outside of their area. I wanted to see what the notifications would look like. 
I immediately began receiving notifications on my phone from both the Tagg app and via email.
Going to the app (or the website) told me that Birdie was outside her zone and told me her closest location, in this case, a house number from down the street.


tagg screenshot tracker
Within the email I received notifying me Birdie was out of her zone, was directions on how to get to her.
Within the app, you have options to locate and get directions to your pet. The large gray circle is Birdie’s assigned zone. The paw print tells me where Birdie actually is located. I received updated notifications every 3 minutes, and my husband said her tracker began to flash once outside her zone. This makes her easier to find at night!
After 15 minutes I utilized the stop tracking option since this was just a trial run.
Incidentally, you can add multiple people to your account to receive notifications about your pet’s location (think pet sitter!). In our case, my husband also receives the same notifications I do in case he is home and I’m not.


gps pet tracker
So far so good with our Birdie. She hasn’t attempted another Houdini act since she’s been wearing her tracker, but I’m glad to have the piece of mind to know that I will be instantly notified when she does! And won’t she be surprised when I walk right up to her wherever she may be and bring her back home.
You have no idea how disconcerting it can be to look out a window and see your beloved pet lounging around outside of her fenced in yard and wonder how long she’s been there and where all she has been prior to then!
The Tagg Pet Tracker is normally $99 with 3 months of free service, 
but you can use code TAGG10 and receive 10% off!


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Sunday 22nd of September 2013

Great post! Looks like the Tagg Pet Tracker is an awesome product and perfect for Birdie!

Mary Beth

Saturday 21st of September 2013

Our little Gabby girl decided to run a few times last summer and I'll tell you having the whole family spread throughout the neighborhood to find her was not fun and was scary ~ this is a great product. I'm going to send the info to other family members who have occasional explorers as well! Thanks for sharing.

Kelley Wilson

Thursday 19th of September 2013

How great I would love one of these for my chili pup! She is micro chipped but to be able to just find her and go get her when the kids leave the garage door open and she escapes would be great!


Thursday 19th of September 2013

I have been trying this out on Jersey. I am hoping it's going to save me lots of time and maybe a few tears too. So glad to hear you liked it!

Shannon Madigan

Wednesday 18th of September 2013

What a neat idea! Our dog bolts after squirrels on our walks and we've almost lost her a few times. Thanks for sharing!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.