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White Christmas Mix {Homemade Christmas Recipes}

I have a delightful new local blogger here today to share a super sweet snack! So without further ado, take us away, Annie!

Hello everyone I am Annie from over at and I have a sweet treat to share with you, because everything is better with a little bit of sugar. 🙂

Looking for a sweet snack for that holiday party or maybe a sweet simple gift for teachers or neighbors then this recipe is for you. I received this recipe last year from a friend at my annual cookie swap and as soon as I had it I was hooked. This is a very addictive treat I think last year I ended up making at least three batches and let me tell you one batch makes quite a bit. This year I decided to dress it up just a bit by adding the Santa hats! The Santa hats are bugles which I dipped in Red Wilton candy melts and embellished with the white non perils and mini marshmallows. I will be honest and tell you that making the Santa hats is a little tedious and not the simplest of tasks, but they sure do look cute mixed in with all the other white chocolate covered crunchy yumminess!

White Christmas Mix-


2 bags white chocolate chips (I have used nicer chocolate here and it makes a difference)

6-7 cups rice or corn Chex (I use Rice)

4-5 cups Multi grain cheerios

1/2 a bag of thin pretzel sticks broken in pieces

1 cup plain or dark chocolate m&m’s

1. Mix cereals and pretzels together in a very large mixing bowl

2. Melt the chocolate chips in 3 Tablespoons of oil over medium-low heat

3. Once chocolate is melted pour over the cereal and pretzel mix and mix until coated, gently stir in the m&m’s

4. Spread on two cookie sheets covered in wax paper and let dry

5. Once it has harden break it up throw in your Santa Hats and store in an air tight container and ENJOY 🙂

Wishing every one a Merry Christmas and a happy New year! I hope you get a chance during the holidays or in the New Year to come visit me at my blog.

Not only does it look delicious, but its seriously cute, too! Wouldn’t this make an adorable teacher or neighbor gift? Thank you so much, Annie, for this great recipe!

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Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday

Thursday 15th of December 2011

This is SERIOUSLY the most addictive snack! It never makes it long in my house!


Wednesday 14th of December 2011

I agree totally that everything is better with a little...or a lot of sugar:-) Such a cute treat mix!!!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy

Wednesday 14th of December 2011

Oh my YUM!! I feel like I am gaining weight just reading these delicious posts! Tis the season!!

Beverly {Flamingo Toes}

Wednesday 14th of December 2011

Oh how fun!! I love the idea of making up a bunch of this for gifts - or just to snack on! I really like that sweet/salty combination!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.