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Superhero Party!

Its SUPERHERparty time! Throw an epic superhero birthday party without breaking the bank.

I’m not just trying to be funny when I say I am SUPER excited to share this Superhero Birthday Party with you!

We threw this party for my son’s 4th birthday.

He’s been somewhat obsessed with superheroes for at least the last 6 months.

The colors where red, yellow, and blue.

And I incorporated polka dots into the theme because of the old halftone that comics used to have!

We had lemonade to drink in red polka dot paper cups.

We also had blue polka dot plates and yellow polka napkins.

For snacks we had individual fruit pizzas made from sugar cookies with strawberries, bananas, and blueberries on top.

We also served black grapes, fresh strawberries, and blueberries.

I made some POP!, POW!, and BAM! signs to decorate some of the items on the table.

One of our big splurges for the party was a 3-foot HERO sandwich!

It looked so fun on the table and helped fill everyone up.

Just to be sure everyone knew it was a HERO sandwich, I made an “Our Little Hero” banner to stick in the middle of it.

Superhero Jello was a must for this party!

A few other details:

– The balloons are on the sticks I used for the Cars & Trucks birthday party. I love them!

– The bunting in front of the yellow streamers is from comic pages I downloaded from Flickr and printed out on my computer.

– The backdrop on the table was 3 pieces of black cardstock that I accordion folded and cut the top of each fold differently to create a skyline. I used a white paint pen to draw on the windows.

– The happy birthday bunting in front of the table was my cardstock skyline inspiration. I purchased it from Bessie Pooh on Etsy.

The Spiderman cake was inspired by a basketball cake I saw on Pinterest!

It took about 4 bags of regular M&M’s to to get enough of the red for Spiderman’s face on this 10-inch cake, and 1 bag of coconut M&M’s for his eyes.

I started by icing the entire cake in blue frosting, then piped out the black frosting to make the face.

Then I simply went back and filled in all the spaces with the appropriate-color M&M.

This process took about 30 minutes.

Underneath the cake was a giant spider web from the Dollar Tree.

(You might also spy our superhero newspaper party invitation on the table!)

The cake was 3 layers and received a lot of talk when I cut into it.

It was red, yellow, and blue, too!

I simply divvied the batter for each layer into 3 separate containers and added food coloring.

By dolloping the batter in randomly into my baking pan, I created a great multicolored effect to the cake!

This little guy loved his cake so that’s what matters most!

He wanted a chocolate cake but granted me free range when I told him I had a surprise cake in store.

Our parties mostly consist of adult friends and family.

We’ve yet to have a “friends” party for either of the boys.

The little ones that do come to our party every year are getting old enough to want to do some fun party things.

And, for the first time, we invited a couple of the birthday boy’s best buds over to celebrate.

To keep things fun for all ages, I set up a photo area!

This was a LOT of fun, and I can see us doing this every year!

The backdrop is a red plastic tablecloth folded in half and taped to the top of the fireplace.

The tablecloth is fronted with red streamers and another spider web from the Dollar Tree.

I also printed out another “4th” from the birthday banner and taped it to the streamers.

I covered some cardboard pieces with black cardstock and trimmed the tops to make a skyline then drew on some windows with a white paint pen and placed these on top of the fireplace.

We have a few Little People superheroes that I placed around the “buildings.”

Now I need some props for the photo area!

I purchased some superhero masks in the form of digital files on Etsy (also from Bessie Pooh) and printed off multiple copies of them on cardstock.

I also printed off more of the POP!, POW!, and BAM! signs to add to our prop collection.

I put all the items in a wire basket and set them next to the photo area.

For some of the masks, I attached elastic so they would fit around your head. For other masks and the signs,  I glued wooden sticks to them so we could hold them up in the photos.

Finally, we took an old chalkboard we had and wrote a note for our guests to feel free to grab a prop and take a photo to help the birthday boy to remember his big day.

In the Superhero Newspaper Invitation sent out to our guests, we had encouraged them to come to the party wearing their favorite superhero logo.

I wasn’t sure how much participation we would get, but I was pleasantly surprised to find almost everyone did it!

The birthday boy was super impressed, especially since it was a complete surprise for him.


Our guests already sporting their superhero logos (and in some cases, full on costumes!) made taking the photos in the photo area all the more fun.

These photos will make a great memory book for my little guy!

Our party gifts to the youngsters were in these fun blue polka dot bags that I decorated with a strip of yellow crepe paper and name tags for each child.

Inside the bags were masks of their own to take home as well as superhero chalk, Batman crayons, superhero bracelets, and Spider-man Cheez-Its.

The superhero theme has continued strong at our house since the party!!

The boys have been playing superheroes on a daily basis.

I love seeing them have so much fun!

Polka dot plates, napkins, cups, and bags were purchased from Polka Dot Market.


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Catherine Holt

Thursday 20th of February 2014

An amazing party! I love everything about it, the bold colours, the decorations....that awesome cake! Attention to detail to the max!

Erica Stawick

Tuesday 8th of January 2013

LOVE THIS! I'm planning a big city/skyline themed 1st birthday party for my son and the skyline you created that's on the food table as well as the banner that's on the front of the table are PERFECT! The banner is no longer available on etsy so I was wondering if, by chance, you'd be interested in selling those items? Email me & let me know!

Thank you :)

Erica Stawick

Tuesday 8th of January 2013

I'm trying to plan a big city/skyline theme first birthday party for my son & the skyline you have on the food table and the banner on the front of the table are PERFECT and exactly what I've been looking for! Any chance you'd want to sell them? :) Please let me know! erica {at} ashleybaberweddings {dot} com


Sunday 30th of September 2012

Such a fun party theme. You did a great job putting everything together. Glad your little guy enjoyed his day.


Sunday 23rd of September 2012

Wow, Michele this is amazing! I love how you used that spiderweb. I have one from the dollar store and never thought about using it for a Spiderman party. Oh and I love the cake too! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.